Current and Former Benchers

“I urge you to vote for Gina. Her dedication, social conscience, and commitment to advance the interests of inclusiveness and diversity within the profession is exemplary.”
Fred Bickford, Bencher, Northwest Region 

“As a former Bencher, I have had the pleasure of working with Gina on various issues at the Law Society of Ontario. Gina is very committed to access to justice. She brings fresh ideas and her wealth of experiences to the Convocation. It will be good to see Gina back as a Bencher, serving the interests of the legal profession and the broader public interest.”
Avvy Go, former Bencher

“I supported term limits as a Bencher so that Convocation would be continually rejuvenated with people who represent the changing face of the profession. Gina Papageorgiou is the kind of person I hoped would run. As a Bencher she brings a diversity of skills and experience as well as legal excellence, a high level of integrity and collegiality. I urge you to vote for her.”
Linda Rothstein, Two term former Bencher, Chair. The Law Foundation of Ontario, and Partner, Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP

“I worked with Gina at The Law Foundation of Ontario over the past eight years. She is diligent, compassionate, and insightful and has excellent judgment. We need more people like Gina as Benchers.”
Paul Schabas, Three term former Bencher, former Treasurer, former Chair, The Law Foundation of Ontario, and Partner, Blakes LLP

“Gina Papageorgiou is one of the most thoughtful and bravest voices in Convocation. She has this wonderful ability to see the equity and fairness issue immediately and contributes to the work of the Law Society in a deeply collaborative and thoughtful manner. She has been an incredible ally to equity seeking group goals and has my full support and endorsement. I hope to see her return to Convocation – she has a needed voice.
Isfahan Merali, Bencher, Senior Counsel, Consent and Capacity Board

“Equity and access are two of the most pressing issues facing the legal profession and the public. Gina has extensive experience with these issues in many different settings, and I was privileged to work with her on one of them. If she is re-elected, she will continue to provide an important new perspective on the Law Society’s duty to serve the public interests.”
Raj Anand, Three term former Bencher and Partner, WeirFoulds LLP

“I am delighted to endorse Gina Papageorgiou for re-election as a Bencher. Having worked with Gina at The Law Foundation of Ontario for many years, I can say that she is precisely the kind of person we need at Convocation. She is an extremely bright, hard-working, and personable lawyer whose commitment to access to justice and equity is well known. She isn’t just a “talker.” She’s a “doer.” At the same time, she builds consensus and has a great sense of what is happening as well as the needs of the profession and the diverse public it serves. I am proud to be one of the many supporters of Gina’s candidacy and urge you to join us.”
Mark Sandler, Three term former Bencher, former Chair, The Law Foundation of Ontario, and Partner, Cooper, Sandler, Shime & Bergman LLP 

In-House Counsel

“We were privileged to work alongside Gina during her early years in private practice. Then, and more recently in her roles with The Law Foundation of Ontario, the Class Proceedings Fund, and as a Deputy Judge, Gina exemplifies a fierce commitment to access to justice, diversity, and innovation. We wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.”
Norie Campbell, Rasha El Sissi, and Jane Langford, TD Bank

“Gina is an unwavering and unfaltering advocate of diversity and social justice. I have witnessed firsthand Gina’s relentless pursuit to effect positive change in the areas of violence against women and diversity in our legal profession. We need formidable forces like Gina to help us make the type of changes we as lawyers should demand to see in our justice system. Vote for Gina as Bencher.”
Carole Dagher, Vice President, Scotiabank and former President, Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

“Gina is a super Bencher and passionate advocate who believes in equity, diversity, and inclusion. She has my support”
Julia Shin Doi, General Counsel and Secretary of Board  of Governors, Ryerson University

Not-for-Profit and Government

“Gina is intelligent, collegial, hard-working, and has demonstrated her commitment to public service and to the justice system. Gina is a credit to the legal profession and is an excellent Bencher. I encourage you to re-elect her.”
Kim Twohig, former Member, Class Proceedings Committee, Small Claims Court Deputy Judge, recipient of: the Carol Creighton Award (ALOC); Tom Marshall Award (OBA) for Excellence In Public Sector Law; and Gold Key Award (Osgoode Hall Alumni) for Excellence in Public Service

“Gina Papageorgiou is committed to social justice and access to justice for all members of society, particularly those who are amongst the most marginalized. It is vitally important that this commitment is reflected in the visioning and day-to-day work of the Benchers. Gina is a great inspiration in that regard.”
Mary Lou Fassel, L.S.M., former Director Legal Services, Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

“I have known Gina for more than 30 years. She has always had an incredible work ethic and puts her all into everything she does. She is just the kind of person we want as a Bencher – she is smart, has integrity, cares about the profession, and feels very strongly about the benefits of diversity. I support Gina in the highest possible terms and I urge you to vote for her.”
Cara Clairman, President and General Counsel, Plug N’Drive

“I am delighted to endorse Gina Papageorgiou’s candidacy for Bencher. She is an experienced, intelligent, and hard-working member of the Bar whose enthusiasm and optimism for the future of our profession merit everyone’s support.”  
Paul Evraire, Chair, CLEO, Former Special Counsel at Justice Canada and Member, Class Proceedings Committee

“Gina is a passionate advocate for access to justice. She is a unique and creative voice at Convocation who brings a diverse, broad experience to bear on the wide range of issues confronting the profession and the public.”
Elizabeth Goldberg, L.S.M., former CEO, The Law Foundation of Ontario

Private Practice

“Gina is an experienced, dedicated, and passionate advocate who genuinely cares about our profession, our society, and our future. She is committed to increasing access to justice and to advancing the public interest, which she demonstrates every day in her work as counsel to the Class Proceedings Committee. Gina is not afraid to ‘fight for what’s right’. Her courage, smarts, energy, and her sincere desire to make the world a better place make her the kind of the Bencher we need.” Shantona Chaudhury, Partner, Pape Chaudhury

“I have known Gina for almost 30 years and she is a person of great integrity, thoughtfulness, and commitment to the Profession. I know she will continue to represent the interests of all members with dedication and selflessness.”
Doug Worndl, Rochon Genova LLP

“Gina has earned the chance to go back to work in her second term as a Bencher of the LSO. Over the course of her career, Gina has served the profession and the public to the fullest extent. She has practiced in private practice, as a Crown, and in various public interest positions. Gina is a person of action with a strong commitment to governing the profession in the public interest. Most especially, Gina listens to people and thinks about solutions to the problems we face together as a legal profession. Gina is a strong person and has earned our strong support.”
Tom Curry, Partner, Lenczner Slaaght

“Gina is a strong voice for the profession and the public. She is an excellent Bencher whose expertise in access to justice issues is invaluable at Convocation. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion has been constant throughout her career. The profession, and the public, would be incredibly well served if Gina were re-elected.”
Rebecca C Durcan, Partner, 
Steinecke Maciura LeBlanc

Gina is one of those rare individuals with a great mind, a great heart, limitless energy, and a wonderful sense of humour. If she’s re-elected as a Bencher, she will continue to make a difference.”
Valerie Edwards, Partner, Torkin Manes LLP and former Chair, Class Proceedings Committee

“In the 10 years I’ve known Gina she has consistently proven herself to be the kind of person who will get the job done – smart, tenacious, and without fear; in short, exactly the sort of Bencher the profession and the public deserves. I urge you to vote for Gina.”
Scott Hutchison, Henein Hutchison LLP

“Gina is smart, passionate, and hard-working. Her range of experience gives her an understanding of our profession that few can match. She has impressed me over and over again with the way she considers a problem from all angles and then mobilizes the resources needed to solve it – no matter how long it takes. She is a great Bencher.”
Caroline Zayid, Partner, McCarthy Tétrault LLP

“I have known Gina for many years. She is running for Bencher for the right reasons. Her years in private practice combined with her many years of service to The Law Foundation and the Class Proceedings Fund will give her a unique perspective. Most importantly, she is concerned with increasing access to justice, the greatest problem facing our legal system today. She will continue to be a great Bencher.”
Kirk M. Baert, Partner, Koskie Minsky LLP

“I have known and worked with Gina for over 20 years. Her campaign for Bencher has my unqualified support. Please read her platform. It is directed to issues that urgently need to be addressed by our profession and by the administration of justice in Ontario. Gina will bring energy, enthusiasm, dedication, creativity, and her considerable intellect to those and all issues facing our profession. Her candidacy deserves our support.”
Paul Morrison, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

“Gina is exactly the type of person we need as a Bencher – hardworking, smart, an independent and critical thinker with excellent judgment, great empathy, and a passion for justice. She can be relied upon to think deeply about the issues and to make the right decisions, without succumbing to pressures from established interests or powerful groups. She has my unqualified endorsement”.
Wendy J. Earle, Chair, Class Proceedings Committee and Barrister & Solicitor

“During her time as a Bencher, Gina has shown herself to be a thoughtful decision-maker and a true champion for access to justice, diversity, and governance reform. I am impressed by her leadership on governance reform and her willingness to support initiatives that make the profession more welcoming, inclusive, and representative of the public we serve. I have full confidence that she will continue to serve our profession well. Gina has my full support for Bencher.”
Renatta Austin, Lawyer and Notary Public

“Gina’s commitment and passion to social justice makes her an excellent candidate for Bencher. Her wisdom, knowledge, and experiences will be invaluable to the legal profession so please consider voting for her.”  
Nilufa Husein, former Staff Lawyer, Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic and Barrister & Solicitor

“I am very pleased to provide my support and endorsement of Gina Papageorgiou in her campaign for re-election as a Bencher. Gina has been a thought leader and a change-maker at Convocation, and she stands firmly behind inclusivity, equality, and enhancing access to justice. Her experience and proven dedication to the profession are essential to a well-functioning governing body. Gina brings her impressive intellect, passion, and talent to everything she takes on, and we can place our trust in those skills and her wisdom to help guide us through these times of rejuvenation and change at the Bar.”
Margaret Waddell, Partner, Waddell Phillips


“I had the pleasure of working with Gina at York and watching her involvement in her first term as bencher. As always, she brought the best of values, careful thought and great commitment to her work at the LSO and I wholeheartedly endorse her continuation as a member of our governing body.”
Harriet Lewis, Past University Secretary and General Counsel, York University

“Gina is one of the brightest, hardest-working people I know. She brings that ethic to her work as Bencher. She is also deeply committed to social justice and to making the justice system more accessible to the public we serve. It is a commitment – and a track record to prove it – that stands her apart from other candidates.”
Jasminka Kalajdzic, Associate Professor, University of Windsor Law

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